Sunday, June 13, 2004

In an earlier entry I argued that governments should, as a rule, not oppose the people. I suggested that if the government lost a case to a citizen, the government should not appeal. Because the government IS the people, it should be glad a citizen won.

Such a situation has arisen in British Columbia. A mother has won the original case and every appeal. The government says it will ask the federal Supreme Court to rule. The issue is whether the government should pay for the special education required by a child because of his medical condition. The court said "yes". The appeals court said "yes". The provincial supreme court said "yes". The British Columbia government should announce "We are pleased to accept the decision that we are going to fund the education of your child. We are happy to have the opportunity to see that your child is educated to the best of his abilitiy, because both you and he are citizens of this province."

The government is not above the people. The government IS the people.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Can you identify this poem?

When I was in high school in the 60's, this poem went around. I don't know if it was written by one of my classmates, or if the source is more ancient. Have you heard of this?

'Twas a nice October evening in September last July.
The moon was shining brightly and the sun was in the sky.
The flowers were singing sweetly and the birds were in full bloom.
I went up in the attic to sweep the downstairs room.

Some other lines went
I looked out on the ocean: not a street car was in sight.

A barefooted boy with shoes on stood sitting in the grass.

Anyone identify this?

Friday, June 04, 2004

Saving the Titanic Passengers

How far did the Titanic coast after hitting the iceberg? Does anyone know how far away the ship was from the iceberg when it came to a stop?

Whenever I watch a disaster flick or read about past tragedies, I wonder what I would have done. Here's my only solution to the Titanic thinking.

Could Titanic have reversed and let the passengers out onto the iceberg?

I have never heard this discussed or mentioned before. Does anyone have information on whether this possibility was discussed or feasible?